The music of Hot Karl.
Hot Karl - Tap the Bottle Freestyle

Remember the time Hot Karl did his own version of Young Black Teenagers’ - Tap the Bottle (Twist the Cap)?


You’re Welcome. :)

Hot Karl - Dedication to Natalie Portman
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Hot Karl writes a love song to Natalie Portman. It’s… sweet?

Hot Karl - Dear Natalie Portman

I assume this was the first version of Hot Karl’s love song to Natalie Portman. It’s more… direct.

Hot Karl - Blao (NBA Livestyle Mix)

I’d first heard Hot Karl when he preformed on Attack of the Show back on August 5th, 2005. Since then I’ve tried to find any songs he made that were not available on his albums. Last week I came across such a song, a different version of his song Blao! that was made for the NBA Live 2003 EA Sports video game. 

Blao is his most released song with many variations, but this one is so nerdy it immediately became my favorite. Enjoy.